We love pets & we take care

Everything for you and your pets - every 5th stay has your pet free of charge

We will take care of your pets as we would take care of our own. Most of us have a dog or a cat at home and we know what they like. That's why we'll prepare a bed for them, a cube and anything else you need. Yes, we like animals.

Rules for the best possible stay with your pet

However, despite all of the above, we have set conditions in our hotel under which it is possible to stay with a pet, even with regard to other guests staying in the hotel or in the restaurant.

Extra charge for one pet per night

  • 750 CZK
  • there is a maximum number of pets in a room which is 2

Report the pet in advance 

  • the pet must be declared during the reservation
  • otherwise, you run the risk that we will not be able to accommodate you upon arrival, as we have a limited number of rooms designed for stays with pets

A visit to a restaurant

  • we kindly ask to consider with regard to other visitors to the restaurant and also with regard to your dog, whether his presence in the restaurant is suitable and really necessary for both,  dog and guests

Room cleaning and pet's stay in the room

  • we only clean the room if you are out for a walk with your pet
  • if your pet does not like being alone and barks, please consider whether it will disturb other guests and thus also consider whether it is appropriate to travel with it to the hotel, disputes between guests without pets and with pets can be quite unpleasant overall
  • if your pet inadvertently soiled the room, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can carry out an immediate cleanup and prevent further damage. Do not wait until your departure, the sooner we clean, the greater the chance that you will not have to deal with an unpleasant situation regarding the payment of damages