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The rooms at Hotel Soyka have been decorated with love, care and attention to every detail. Whether you choose our smallest classic room or one of our large family suites, it will always feel like a mom's home.
Soyka is a modern pub where you can taste Czech cuisine in a modern concept. We make sure that our ingredients are fresh, we make everything ourselves. And a good beer to finish it off.
You'll just love this one. Cozy atmosphere, crackling wood in the fireplace. You'll find a combination of drinks you won't find anywhere else. Doughnut gin, Dill and many other unexpected creations.
Here you will be comfortable. A place of relaxation, massages and the scent of carefully selected oils. Immerse yourself in the forest of the Giant Mountains and enjoy a massage with wildflower oil. This is Anche Spa.
Package or just accommodation?  Take advantage of a 12% discount on your stay, or choose a flexible price with cancellation option. Book your stay in the Giant Mountains simply according to your taste.

Harrachova 52
543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
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